Mursi boy torso (life-size).

Materials: clay, plaster, paint, feathers, wood, rope, beads etc.

Height: 72 cm.

Width: 40 cm.

Depth: 50 cm.




Native american style painting

Framed wooden plate, painted with an image of a killer whale and bear. This piece is varnished so it can be used as a decoration in the garden.



Graceful ring

Bold silver ring, decorated with silver wire and beads.



Beth Hart necklace

Silver pendant with jasseron necklace. Both have been oxidized and partly polished to create an authentic look. This pendant is based on the logo of the American blues/rock singer and songwriter Beth Hart.

In cooperation with Beth Hart, this piece has been auctioned for the Cramm Foundation (proceeds: € 1005,-).

Height: 8 cm.

Width: 6 cm.

Thickness: 3 mm.



'Friends forever'

Silver friendship ring with a rough structure and a zirconia, half hidden in a pocket.  The ring has been oxidized and partly polished to create an authentic look.



Aya necklace

Snake necklace with seperate 'aya' pendant. Aya is an Adinkra symbol, comming from the African Ashanti tribe.  Aya means fern, a hardy plant that can grow in difficult places. It symbolizes endurance and resourcefulness.



This pendant was custom made for the American Blues/Rock singer and songwriter Beth Hart. The pendant is based on her logo, that is used on her cd's etc. Instead of 'Beth Hart', she prefered her married name 'Guetzkow'.