Double-headed serpent 

This  Aztec amulet was worn by an high priest as a symbol of the rain god Tlaloc. The original consists of turquoise and red and white shells. Serpents were very important religious symbols, the shedding of their skin made them a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Also for the Incas the "double-headed sepent" has a special meaning. She embodied the goddess Amaru, who after a fight with other Gods turned into stone. Some stones are still pulverized by mountain tribes and used as protection against disease. According to stories double headed serpents live under the earth and they rarely appear to humanbeeings and only in clear spring water. They symbolize magical powers and fertility.

This two headed serpent was made in the 1500's and is now a permanent part of the Mexican Gallery at the  British museum in London, England.


 Pendant attached to jasseron necklace.

Chain length: 45 cm.

Size pendant: 4 cm/8,5 cm.

Approx weight: 32 gram.